Sunday, July 31, 2016

NorthWest Burgers Cheeseburger Review

Erin, Bucky, and I had all been to NorthWest Burgers before and were fans. This was Jerome’s first experience. I chose NorthWest Burgers for this installment of Cheeseburgers in Eugene because a Google search for “Cheeseburgers in Eugene” brought me to this Yelp page that told me they had the best burgers in Eugene. I told that World Wide Web page that I’d be the judge of that. Here is Jerome and me getting all judgy:

Jerome’s Review
NorthWest Burgers is part of a collection of restaurants in one big building, but personally, I think it stands out from all the others. If you’re not there for the scenery (it would be weird if you were), you must be there for the food! There are a variety of soft drinks and beers on the menu as well as a good amount of food options. The burgers there are exceptional. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on this blog! If I had to recommend a burger place, it would definitely be NorthWest Burgers with 3 thumbs up (if I had that many)!
The burgerman at work.
James’s Review
Cheeseburger 20/25
I got their Northwest Burger with smoked Gouda. It came with Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, onions, and tomato. Jerome got the Large Jack, which had bacon, ham, fried egg, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, and tomato on it. My burger was well done but incredibly juicy. It had a one-third-pound patty made of local, fresh beef. I love large patties for the most part. My only qualm is that they should be seasoned well. Otherwise, you have this big, bland animal lying there between your buns (that’s what she said.) There was very little if any seasoning in this patty.

When you eat my burgers, you need to prepare for your breath to smell like garlic for the next few days. I am not suggesting restaurants that want to stay in business do that. But, at least, throw some salt and pepper on big patties. This is the main reason I gave the burger 20 out of 25.
Please stop licking your screen.
Fries 25/25
The fries were perfect. They may be the best fries I’ve had in Eugene (besides Erin’s beer-battered fries). They appear to add a batter to their fries, and the seasoning was on point. They have ketchup, ranch, salt, and pepper readily available, but you don’t need any of that. The fries stand on their own. The best part was that Erin was eating with us, so I didn’t have to share my fries with Bucky. He loved the fries but demanded ketchup.

Cost 21/25
NorthWest Burgers is not cheap, but you won’t go bankrupt eating there. For Jerome and my burgers, which came with fries, and a $3 tip, which you could probably get away with not leaving, our tab came to $27.40. That’s a bit much for two people eating lunch in Eugene, but you get a lot of food for that. We were both stuffed silly.
Pretty fry for a white guy.
Ambiance 12/15
NorthWest Burgers is located in the 5th Street Market, and there were a bunch of restaurants there that share seating. The place basically looks like a refurbished old-timey building. There was a whole section of middle-aged guys sitting alone looking at their smartphones. If you listened closely, you could hear the finest generic jazz playing. They also offer outdoor seating, where you can observe college-aged kids waiting for the Bolt Bus.

Service 7/10
This is one of those places where you have to walk all the way up to the counter, place your order, sit down, wait for them to shout your name so you can walk back up to the counter to get your food, then you have to bus your table when you’re done. I’m kind of embarrassed that I left a tip. I don’t tip McDonald’s, and they probably have it worse. That said, I have nothing but nice things to say about the people who were working there. They were very attentive to my many needs.

NorthWest Burgers’ Overall Score: 85/100

NorthWest Burgers deserves a spot in your regular cheeseburger rotation. Their burger patties are a bit bland, but their fries and toppings make up for it. I recommend them!

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